Firefighters Adopt the Rescue Puppies, Saved From a Plane Crash


Last month, a plane carrying three people and 53 shelter dogs crash-landed on a golf course in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The firefighters and EMTs at Lake County Fire & Rescue were called to the scene and, upon arriving, they were faced with a surreal sight. The plane, which was on its way from New Orleans to Waukesha, had lost a wing, crashed into some trees, and lay on its belly, decimated. Despite the shocking scene, the firefighters and EMTs sprang into action, pulling the 53 dogs and three people away from the wreckage and out of the mangled crates. They kept the dogs warm by tucking them into their jackets and did everything they could to ensure their safety and comfort until they could be transported to local shelters. gif maker 8

Two of the firefighters, Elle Steitzer and Tony Wasielewski, ended up adopting two of the surviving dogs, Lucky and Marley. Steitzer immediately knew that she wanted to adopt one of the dogs and ended up choosing Lucky, who was following her around and trying to get into the cockpit of the plane. Lucky has settled in well with his new family, including two fur siblings named Zara and Peach. Wasielewski was initially hesitant about adopting another dog, as he already had two at home, but Marley had other plans. When she encountered Wasielewski at the crash site, she ran to him, jumped into his arms, and started giving him kisses. When she saw him again later, she was so happy that her butt started wiggling as she tried to get over to him. Wasielewski’s wife spotted Marley on the news the next day and tracked her down, and when they went to see her, she ran past Wasielewski’s wife, jumped into his lap, and started kissing him. Marley has adjusted well to her new home and it’s like she’s been there her whole life. gif maker 6

Overall, it’s a happy ending for everyone involved in the plane crash. Marley and Lucky weren’t the only pups adopted by their rescuers, and it’s clear that everyone is much happier for it. The firefighters and EMTs at Lake County Fire & Rescue went above and beyond their typical duties in rescuing the 53 dogs and three people from the plane crash, and they will always have a special bond with Lucky and Marley.



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