Firefighters of Georgia Rescue Brave dog Who Was Stranded Overnight in 35-Foot Well

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On July 15th, a Georgia family’s beloved boxer, Yoyo, went missing. The family wasn’t too worried at first, as it wasn’t unusual for Yoyo to wander off and chase squirrels. However, when she still hadn’t returned the following morning, the family began to worry and searched their property. It was then that Yoyo’s human husband found her at the bottom of a 35-foot well, the cover of which had been damaged by a falling oak tree.

The family immediately called 911 and the Gwinnett County Fire Department Technical Rescue Team was dispatched to rescue Yoyo. The team, consisting of 12 personnel and their trailer of rescue equipment, arrived on the scene and began the rescue process. They cleared the brush around the well and set up their wench equipment before lowering a single firefighter down the well to retrieve Yoyo.

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It is unknown how long Yoyo had been paddling in the eight feet of water at the bottom of the well before being discovered, but she was most likely there for several hours. Once rescued, Yoyo was taken to the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital for overnight care. She is expected to make a full recovery.

The family is grateful to the firefighters and the woman who descended into the well to rescue Yoyo, calling her a “straight-up superhero” who was “compassionate, sweet, and a total badass.” Thanks to the bravery and skill of these firefighters, Yoyo was successfully reunited with her loving family.

Group 8 3


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