Firefighters Rescued a Dog Using a Paddle Boat, On Christmas Eve

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On Christmas Eve, a golden retriever in Oklahoma City found itself stranded on a sheet of thin ice. Its owner, who was holding onto a rope attached to the dog, called for help. The Oklahoma City Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene and came up with a unique solution to rescue the freezing pup: using a paddle boat.


One firefighter climbed into the boat and made his way to the dog, pulling it out of the icy water. The on-shore firefighters then used the rope to guide the paddle boat, which was sliding across the ice, back to shore. The dog, who had “no apparent injuries” aside from being very cold, was reunited with its grateful family.

Group 8 4

The Oklahoma City Fire Department’s creative and successful use of a paddle boat to rescue a stranded dog serves as a reminder that in a rescue situation, it’s important to think outside the box and use any resources available. Thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of the firefighters, the dog was rescued just in time for the holidays.

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