How did an elderly dog end up over 1,000 miles from home and came back 7 years later?

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Jazzy, a 12-year-old dog, was missing for seven years before being found by Florida authorities in a hotel room. She was sick and alone, barely able to walk due to severe arthritis. Despite her condition, Jazzy was still sweet and gentle, allowing the officers from Orange County Animal Services to care for her. The staff at Orange County found Jazzy’s microchip and used it to locate her family in Texas.


Jazzy’s owner, Kerry Smith, flew to Orlando to see his dog for the first time in seven years. It is unclear how Jazzy ended up more than 1,000 miles away from her home in Fort Worth, but Smith had been waiting for a call about her for seven years.

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When they were reunited, it was a tearful and emotional moment for both Smith and Jazzy. Jazzy couldn’t take her eyes off Smith and kept licking his hand, trying to get as close to him as possible. Smith’s message to other pet owners is to microchip their dogs so that they can be reunited if they go missing.

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