“My Dog Isn’t Lonely at Home”: Cute Doggy School Bus Picks Up Pups Every Day And Takes Them To Daycare.

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The school year has begun. The students are both excited and nervous. What’s the day going to look like? With whom will they play? What will you have for lunch? Will they get a big bone or something wet? Oh, I’m not talking about a regular school here. It’s a place where dogs stay when their owners are busy doing adult things. And to top it all off, they get picked up by the cutest “school bus” ever.

The idea has been going around the US for a while, and we’ll look at two people who, in our opinion, have helped make the world a little bit better. Before we get into it, I’d like to encourage you, dear readers, to tell me what you think in the comments, upvote the story, and follow the author to make their day a lot better! That’s it.

You’ve never seen anything like this before: the dogs are picked up in the morning by a doggie school bus and brought back in the evening when “school” is over.

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When people think of Heaven or Paradise, they often picture being surrounded by happy, wagging-tailed puppies of all shapes and sizes. Some people have made a Heaven on Earth by doing just that and being surrounded by happy dogs. Arat Montoya from West Linn City, Oregon, is one of these kinds of men.

Arat grew up in Mexico, and when he was 15, he moved to Canby. He told The Oregonian, “Bakers are in my family, and my dad wanted me to be a baker.” “I said, ‘I’m sorry Dad, I love dogs.'” He used to work at the Dog Club of West Linn, which was a dog daycare. When the business closed, he continued to work with a few clients out of his house, boarding and dog-sitting.

In 2016, Arat Montoya started Doggie School Bus Inc., a service for taking care of dogs during the day. This quickly caught the attention of people in the area.

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In 2016, Arat started a service called Doggie School Bus Inc. to care for dogs during the day. He did this to help support his growing family. He would drive a custom yellow van called the “Doggie School Bus” to a client’s house in the morning to pick up their dogs.

He would then drive them to a friend’s 5-acre property, which he rented. The dogs would spend most of the day here, playing with Arat and the other puppies and talking to them. At 2:00 p.m., school would be over for the day, and the man would drive the dogs back to their owners.

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At the time, a day of puppy play cost $30, and each puppy had to pass a test of its personality before it could join the pack. The brilliant marketing plan was a big hit right away.

He picks up the puppies and takes them to a 5-acre fenced lot where they can play with the other puppies and get to know each other. When the dogs see the “school bus,” they get very excited.

It only took a few weeks for people in his community to catch on to the idea, and then clients started coming in. “Within two weeks, I had 16 clients. “Everyone went crazy,” he told The Oregonian, remembering the time with fondness. So many people wanted his puppies that he had to buy new, bigger cars to pick them up and drive them to their new homes.

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The dogs are excited to go to “school,” and when they hear the man pull up, many of them run out of their houses and right onto the bus. In 2019, he had more than 300 clients, and each day he took care of about 20 puppies.

Arat loves his job and takes care of about 20 dogs every day. He knows what each dog’s name is and can tell which one it is by the way it barks.

If he thought the puppies would be good, he could raise the number to 30. “A pit bull has never been a problem for me. “I’ve never had any trouble with a German shepherd or a Rottweiler , But I’ve had trouble with a Chihuahua.” he said.

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Arat says that the best part of all of this is being with the dogs and seeing how much fun they have playing and making friends with each other. He knows all the dogs’ names and can tell who most of them are just by hearing them bark. “Doing what I do makes me the happiest man in the world,” he said.

At the moment, 33K people follow Arat on Facebook, and his services are still going on. But he’s not the only one whose idea is going viral.

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In 2019, a man named Evan Zwerneman opened EZ Dog Stay and Play, which is like the other one.

In March, Evan Zwerneman’s doggie daycare went viral after a happy customer posted a TikTok video of her golden retriever riding home on a school bus. The video has been watched 16.9 million times and liked by 2.7 million people. The daycare is in Austin, Texas, and is called EZ Dog Stay and Play.

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He told Newsweek that they take care of an average of 50 to 60 dogs every day. Even though there are other businesses that offer daycare and boarding, EZ Dog Stay and Play is the only one he knows of that offers “round trip care.” “We had 95 dogs waiting to join our daycare program in December 2021,” Voyage Austin asked him. “I love what I do and can’t believe that what I used to do for fun is now my job.”

At the moment, they have four vans and one school bus for the dogs that have seat belts.

Evan came up with the idea in 2019 after working as the manager of a veterinary clinic and deciding it was time for him to work for himself. Right now, they have four vans and one school bus, which you could see in the video. It still has the usual school bus seats, but now each dog has a seat belt to make sure they get to the “dog ranch” safely and happily.

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The dogs have 5 acres of land to play on, and someone lives there full-time to keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe. “When our dogs are with us, they get to meet and play with our potbelly pig, see horses, etc. “It’s like living in the country, and the dogs LOVE it!” Evan said with excitement.

“In December of 2021, we had a waiting list of 95 dogs who wanted to join our daycare program,” he said, thrilled to have a job that let him use his love of animals.

Services like these have not only been fun for the dogs and given them a chance to play with other dogs, but they have also saved their owners’ lives.

Services like these have been fun for the dogs and given them a chance to play with other dogs. They have also been a lifesaver for their owners, who couldn’t stay home to take care of them. Mireya Bustamante, the nurse who posted the video that went viral, told Newsweek that she was very thankful for the service because her dog Olive was having the time of her life.

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She said, “Now my dog doesn’t have to be alone at home; she can play with all her friends all day.” “The best part is that I can watch her play with the other dogs at daycare on the daycare’s Instagram stories!”

“She plays with the other dogs and is worn out by the time she gets home,” she said. “I can also ask for her to take a bath before she comes home, or I can buy her ice cream to eat as a snack at daycare. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.”

These “schools” for doggie daycare keep opening up, and we hope they don’t stop any time soon!


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