The story of this differently-abled couple becomes viral online and depicts that true love will always find a way

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People frequently view their relationship as weird, tragic, and unrealistic. This can be due to a misunderstanding of disability. Hannah and Shane Burcaw encourage people to delve deeper into their unique connection by demonstrating that it is no different from other types of love. Your inspiration and conviction in the power of unadulterated love might come from today’s narrative about their journey deeper into their unique connection by demonstrating that it is to happiness and mutual support.

For more than 6 years, Shane and Hannah are in a relationship. Since the age of 2, Shane has been confined to a wheelchair due to a birth defect called spinal muscular atrophy. He first connected with Hannah through an internet message, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

The relationship has been special from the very start.
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The lovers got married in September 2020, but as their love bloomed, they came under harsh criticism for their relationship.

Their love has gone through many obstacles.
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In his interview, Shane said that he frequently sees people who treat him like a child or believe he is unable to lead a regular life and believe Hannah to be his nurse or care. In order to show others that they live their most joyful and fulfilling lives together, the couple decided to launch a YouTube channel and capture a wide range of situations from their lives.

About 900,000 people have subscribed to Shane and Hannah’s channel as of right now, and as that number rises, people are beginning to express their acceptance and positivity more frequently. These two have become major inspirations for a lot of people.

The relationship makes many people change their views.
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“They’re so entertaining to watch, and their connection is just off the charts. I don’t really watch a lot of YouTube, but as soon as they joined our team, I started doing so. One of their followers remarked in their Zoom interview, “And they’re just so entertaining to watch, and I adore all their videos.”

The couple is currently going through different periods in their lives. They acknowledged in their interview that they argue occasionally as most couples do.

Love and mutual support changed the lives of these partners for the better.
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Hannah and I have very strong, headstrong personalities, so you better know there will be a contentious argument if I want pizza and she’s thinking sushi. My fiancée is always right, no matter what, I’m gradually realizing, Shane acknowledged.

Except that, though, everyone in their family is filled with love and understanding, and nobody feels left out. Because Hannah is completely there for me and doesn’t feel burdened by me, I feel for the first time in my life that I’m not a burden, Shane said.

Which relationship do you think is the most wonderful in a couple? What, in your view, is the most unique aspect of Hannah and Shane’s union?