Two dogs attack a cat, but the cat lives, and the vet who saved him takes him in as his own.

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“Community cats” are cats that live outside, are stray, or don’t have owners. Cats can be friendly, wild, old, young, healthy, sick, altered, and/or not altered. They may or may not be taken care of. One of these cats is named Buddy. Unfortunately, it didn’t find a good home until two mean dogs attacked it.

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Buddy’s story spread all over the world, and when people heard what had happened to the cat, they were horrified and started giving money to save the black stray. Buddy did his best to stay alive, but he wasn’t ready to give up on his life so easily.

Buddy is a cat who was almost killed by two dogs who attacked him very hard. The cat was on a porch when two teens walking their dogs came up to it and let the dogs off their leashes. This gave the dogs the chance to attack Buddy. Buddy the cat had to go to the hospital to try to save his life.

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People gave more than $130,000 to the Pennsylvania SPCA. Emergency vet Katie Venanzi hoped the cat would make it through the attack, but the chances didn’t look good. As Venanzi took care of his many wounds, she saw the cat growl at the people at BluePearl Pet Hospital and hit his tail on the table. After all of that, Buddy the cat started getting better on March 22 and is now healthy again.

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The cat’s new owners are doing their best to help him get over the trauma he went through, but he still has a ways to go. The two boys, who are still minors, were accused and charged with crimes like aggravated animal abuse and animal fighting.

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Buddy was a homeless cat before he was attacked. After he got better, the vet who helped him decided to take him in. Dave, Venanzi’s husband, thought it would be a good idea to adopt the cat because he knew how much his wife loved Buddy.

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Buddy is happy in his new forever home, where he has a new brother named Teddy to play with.

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