Western Lakes plane crash, Lucky and Marley adopted by first responders

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When a small plane crashed in rural California on February 26, it was a disaster for the pilot and his dog, who were both injured. However, the incident also marked a new beginning for two other dogs who were on board the plane and survived the crash.

The dogs, Linus and Marley, were rescued by first responders and later adopted by the firefighters and police officers who came to their aid. Linus, now named Lucky, was rescued by Captain Steitzer of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. Steitzer says Lucky was following him around and trying to get into the cockpit of the plane, and he knew he had to take him home.

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Lucky has quickly adjusted to his new family, which includes two other fur siblings, and has proven to be very sweet and obedient. Marley was rescued by Deputy Chief Wasielewski of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. When Marley first encountered Wasielewski at the crash site, she ran to him and started giving him kisses. He held onto her for a bit before returning to work, but when he saw her again later, she was so happy that her butt started wiggling as she tried to get over to him.

Wasielewski’s wife later saw Marley on the news and tracked her down, and when they visited her at the shelter, she jumped into Wasielewski’s lap and started kissing him. Marley has since adjusted to her new home as if she’s been there her entire life.

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Both Lucky and Marley are lucky to have found their forever homes with their rescuers, and their new families are grateful to have them. The incident serves as a reminder of the special bond that can form between humans and animals, especially in times of crisis.

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