With her latest appearance at Cannes, Sophia Hadjipanteli is getting a lot of attention.


At the Cannes opening of the movie Killers of the Flower Moon, no one could take their eyes off Sophia Hadjipanteli. The 25-year-old got everyone’s attention on the red carpet. She reminded us that each of us is beautiful in our own way and that we should show it off with pride and confidence.

In her own way, she was beautiful.


Sophia wore a black dress with a deep V-neck and two thigh-high slits. The fancy dress had rhinestones on it and gloves made right into it.

In addition to her elegant style, she had a very attractive look because of her famous unibrow, which she emphasised with a bold smoky eye and a cat-eye flick.


The model, who has a degree in marketing, has become an important part of the #unibrowmovement effort to promote body positivity.

Sophia, who calls herself a “stubborn rebel,” said she has given her unibrow the name “Veronica.” She has said before that she likes it when people are surprised by her bold unibrow, and she has claimed that negative comments don’t really bother her.

She was honouring her relatives.


She thinks of her unibrow as more than just a style choice. It’s part of her culture and history. Hadjipanteli was born in Cyprus, and she thinks that’s why she has thick eyebrows. By accepting this unique quality, the star wants to show respect for where she came from.

Being true to who she really is.


The model says that ever since she was a child, she has always done what she thought was right without caring what other people thought of her. “I was always on my own when it came to school and growing up,” she said. I was very different, and I just wanted to push some kind of limit.”

Sophia also says that she is not making this choice because she wants to be popular. She said, “I did this before anyone really knew who I was, and it had nothing to do with getting attention or anything like that.”

This model’s beauty comes from the way she thinks and how sure she is of herself. And after we found out more about her, she made us want to be ourselves.