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Photographs Taken of the World’s Hardest-Working Dogs

The public usually doesn’t pay as much attention to working dogs as they do to dogs kept as pets. Andrew Fladeboe is attempting redress by granting these canines the esteem and artistic recognition they merit.

Despite the title of his photo series, “The Shepherd’s Realm,” these canines are perfect for anyone. All types of working dogs are honoured here, from search and rescue to service to the disabled to friendship. They are great companions and workers despite their muddy or wet fur because of their intellect and placid demeanour. His job has taken him to Norway, Scotland, and New Zealand.


Fladeboe shared his thoughts on why dogs enjoy working with National Geographic. Sometimes they have to work hard, but border collies like mine are much happy as a result. A happy border collie on a farm is better off than one living in a big metropolis.

In the following, Fladeboe addresses our inquiries concerning his writing. This October in New York City, his photographs will be featured in a solo exhibition at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Arts. Don’t forget to pay a visit! Prints are also available at this gallery.

Andrew Fladeboe remarked that it was great joy to have a dog strike a posture for you. It’s not something dogs are born knowing how to do, and it’s not something most dog owners ever teach their pets.

Puppy With Excellent Mobility

These dogs are well trained and know how to follow my instructions because I have been photographing working dogs recently.

Having patience, being able to swiftly modify the shoot, and training the dog to obey your directions are all necessary. They think it will test their dog’s obedience and reliability.

Fladeboe remarked that he was astounded by their dedication to their job and the 30,000-year-old tale it tells. They’ve developed alongside us to take on increasingly complex roles.

Dogs and humans share a special bond. Not only for the services we provide, but also for the special bond we share with them as companion animals. Dogs feature in mythology and folklore of nearly every culture. They permeate the human psyche and are stored there. Our ideal prototype for wise companions is the working dog.

“The owners are devoted and full of love. Training a dog to be an effective worker is a lengthy process. The vast majority of people would rank it as their top priority. They are examples for me to follow.However, my frequent travel schedule makes it impossible for me to commit to a dog at this time.

Bird Hunters


Police Dog

Puffin Hunter

Biosecurity Dog

Urban Search-And-Rescue Dog

Comfort/Therapy Dog

Explosive Detector Dog

Search-And-Rescue Dog

I make an effort to view the canines I picture via a posthumanist lens. I work hard at giving them each a unique personality that does them justice. It’s art for the benefit of the animals.

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