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The black wolf cub that a human family raised and left behind behaves like a dog.

People keep a wide range of animals as pets, from common ones like cats and dogs to very unusual ones like snakes and, in very rare cases, wolves like Kira. Today’s news will be about one of these rare pets, Kira.

Kira was just 3 days old when her mother left her. She was a small black and white wolf cub. The little cub was fighting to live on her own when Alida came to help.

Alida took the cub in her arms and raised and trained little Kira just like a dog to give her a second chance at life.

Even though wolves haven’t been raised as pets for generations like dogs and other animals, they can be taught with a lot of work and patience.


Alida had to work harder with Kira because everything was new and interesting to the cub girl. Alida did her best to help Kira get along with other people, so Kira met kids, adults, and even other animals.

Kira has been trained and tamed for a long time, and now she won’t even hurt a fly.

“Kira’s mum used to live with a family, but they couldn’t take care of her, so she ended up in a nursery. She doesn’t trust anyone anymore. The same nursery was where Kira was born.”

“There’s a good chance she will die in the wild because no one taught her how to hunt. Kira’s mother left her kids in the nursery when they were only 3 days old. They had to be fed by hand. When Kira got better, I took her away and fed her milk for the first time.”

“When she was 28 days old, I took her from the day care. She is smart, but she won’t give up. She thinks about herself, not me, when she makes a choice. I started getting her used to other people right away. She saw a lot of people, dogs, and children.”

“We went for walks in different places so she could smell and hear new things. Wolves are born with a fear of anything new, or neophobia. This is a very hard, long, and boring process, but Kira needs to go through it so she can live with me in a city and feel at home.

Kira was 28 days old when Alida took her out of the daycare. As soon as she got home, she continued to feed, teach, and train Kira.

“Kira’s upbringing had its problems, too, but as she gets older, they all go away and the work pays off. She has a stable, mild personality, doesn’t react to other dogs’ anger, and doesn’t start fights herself. She is very careful with children, and if a child is scared of her, she doesn’t go near him.”

Alida went on many trips with Kira so that she wouldn’t be afraid of the modern world.

“On the street, people are usually curious, ask to take pictures, and ask if it is dangerous to live with a wolf, especially if there is a child at home (my son Bogdan is 7 years old).”

Even Alida has stopped being able to tell Kira apart from other dogs. Kira is now a happy dog who lives with a human family and a 7-year-old human brother or sister.

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