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This little dog’s unique reaction to his first snowfall will melt your heart.

While snow might be a major hassle for some, it brings happiness to countless others. Who doesn’t look forward to a sleigh ride, snowmen, and a wintry wonderland when winter finally arrives? I have no doubt about it. However, it seems out that animals, especially dogs, get just as happy as humans do when a white fluffy coat blankets the ground.

A young dog gets its first taste of snow in this adorable clip. His human probably didn’t think his dog would like the frigid object, but the puppy’s reaction to it is too cute to resist. Thanks to his mother’s camera, this kid’s reaction is going viral. People can’t seem to get enough of the short movie, which became viral after being shared on Twitter.

It was the first snowy day in the UK, and this woman named Truffle decided to take her Working Cocker Spaniel out for a stroll. Little did she know that her furry baby would react quite like this to the white stuff. With the caption, “What happens when your dog experiences snow for the first time ever,” she immortalised the event for all time. Look this this.

Although we might assume that our canine companions would dislike the snow due to its frigid temperatures, research has shown that the opposite is true. One of the main reasons dogs become so delighted when it snows is because the cold gives them a burst of energy and allows them to explore their environment with greater ease.

However, dogs, kids, and adults alike can all enjoy the snow.

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